By orchestra Kamanga

One of the social commentators in the country Donex Zimbulani has backed Government that NGO’s and opposition Political parties should be the ones to pay for the damages caused during the demonstrations.

Speaking in an interview, Zimbulani said, “We are not stopping them from holding the demonstrations because it is there rights to do so. But they have also to bear in mind that destroying government and business people’s goods in the name of demos is fringing their rights,” he said.

He also said demonstrators should do their demonstrations in the streets not in shops and damaging property because by doing so, the country will just keep moving backwards in social development.

“Government, NGO’s and opposition political parties agreed that the demonstrations will be peaceful but surprisingly it turned to ugly scenes destroying goods in the process so it is proper that organisers of these demos should cough for the damages so that they should not hold further demonstrations in future,” he said.

During press briefing held in Lilongwe government through Information Minister Mark Botomani asked the demo organizers to pay for the damages.


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