Malawi Congress Party (MCP) deputy President Sidik Mia on Thursday visited two MCP supporters who were arrested during the middle of the night at their respective homes in Mangochi, hounded in a police van and transferred to Zomba maximum prison on a misdemeanor offence.

The two are the party’s parliamentary candidate for Mangochi Central, Hessein Daddy Anusa in the 21stMay elections and a District Youth Committee Member, Awilo Nkuwu, Hessein Daddy Anusa

They are being locked up for allegedly insulting the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Mangochi central constituency, Victoria Kingstone, during a recent demonstration where the people of Mangochi joined Malawians across the country in demanding the resignation of the Malawi electoral body chairperson Jane Ansah, whom majority Malawians are accusing her of mismanaging the 21st May tripartite elections.

“I came to give them moral support,” said Mia.

Malawians are expected to take to the street on Friday to continue pushing for the resignation of the pollster chief whom Malawi Law Society in a statement released on Thursday have urged the Chairperson to “deeply reflect” on the need to resign.

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