Newly-appointed Vice Chancellor of the Mzuzu University (Mzuni), Professor John Kalenga Saka says he will prioritise plans of making the institution to be among the top 100 renowned world universities.

Kalenga Saka who was appointed Vice Chancellor early this year said through collective responsibility within the University and other stakeholders, it is his wish that the institution attains the below world’s 100 university membership.

He was speaking on Friday in Mzuzu during the 20th congregation of the Mzuzu University where 1237 students graduated with certificates, diplomas and degrees in various academic disciplines.

“It is a challenge for all of us working in this institution and other relevant stakeholders to push the university to attain the top 100 membership in the world, but I strongly feel through shared responsibilities and dedication, we can achieve this,” said Saka.

The Vice Chancellor said for this vision to be fulfilled, there is need for a number of initiatives to be conducted at the university like facilitating institutional growth and opportunity creation.

“We need to look at issues like unlocking the university’s full potential by redirecting our focus through development of a successful long term strategic plan to replace the shorter 2016-2020 one to offer creative opportunities.

“We also need to harness the available university’s potential through new opportunities within our local and international ecosystems to complement government’s subvention so that we go towards being fully independent,” explained Saka.

Kalenga Saka also outlined plans to enhance close strategic partnerships with international as well local universities so that they share human resource and in the end improve the institution.

“We must work towards hastening linkages with both international and local universities so that as an institution, we tap from skills that these parallel universities have.

“Through working with international universities, we will have opportunities of increasing the international students’ community as well as tapping from international human resource expertise,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Mzuni Council chairperson, Dr Mcphail Magwira said in the last few years, the university has seen tremendous developments which will help uplift the institution.

”From humble beginnings of starting with a single faculty, the university now boasts six faculties from which a lot of professionals have been moulded, “he said.

Mzuzu University was established by an Act of parliament in 1997, and had its first graduation in 2001 where 27 graduated.

Source: Mana


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