A Kenyan woman who committed suicide after killing her husband and two of their children was laid to rest on Thursday in Nairobi alongside her victims.

The four were found dead in their house in Thome estate on Tuesday last week.

The coffins being loaded into waiting hearses.

The burial was attended by family and friends of the deceased who were still in shock following the bizarre circumstances leading to their deaths, NairobiNews reports.

Police found bodies of Joseph Gitau, 38, Joyce Wanjiru, 32, their daughter Jane Mugure, 7 and Michael Njoroge, 2, in their house earlier on this month.

Pictures of the house shown to the Nairobi News by the police revealed a gruesome scene.

Lying on the bed was Gitau’s body, which had a deep cut on the neck and several stab wounds.

The eldest of the two children, a girl aged seven, lay on the sofa seat with a piece of cloth over her head. Police say she was suffocated just like her brother.

And just next to the door to the house was Mrs Wanjiru’s body, hanging from a rope attached to the roof.

“It is a very sad day, we are mourning the loss of this family which we knew and loved. We appreciate a lot the support we have received from the Sonko Rescue team for paying for the burial and also providing the coffins,” said Mr Mwangi Mugo, the Nyumba Kumi area chairman were the family was residening.

He adds: “All I can say now is that we try as families to live in harmony and solve our problems without resorting to violence.”

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