Organizers of peaceful protest, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition have said they have nothing to do with the vandalism of properties, blaming police for failing to protect people’s lives and their property.

“It is the duty of the police to protect people’s lives and property, this is why we inform them before any peaceful protest,” said Luke Tembo a member of HRDC.

Tembo continued that they have nothing to do with any act of violence citing that it is the police who are to blame for failing to provide full protection to citizens.

“If the police fail to protect people’s lives and property, then they are to blame. We as HRDC, organize peaceful demos. The violence is done out of peaceful demos,” Tembo said.

On July 26, Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose issued a police statement requesting the human rights organization to suspend its series of nationwide demonstrations arguing that they are fueling fear among citizens as the protests are ending in riots.

In the statement, Jose admitted that the police are failing to protect citizens for they are also the target during protests.

It is also reported that during July 25 demonstrations people asked soldiers of the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) to protect them denying the police services.

HRDC has been organizing series of demonstrations calling for resignation of Malawi electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson to step down for mismanaging May 21 elections.

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