Malawi Defense Force (MDF) Commander General Vincent Nundwe has maintained his position of protecting the ‘constitution order’ as one way of ensuring that Malawi remains a peaceful country amid on-going electoral disputes.

Nundwe made the remarks during a joint press briefing with the Malawi Police Inspector General (IG) Rodney Jose.

“It is our role to protect the constitutional order,” Nundwe said.

In his remarks Nundwe said MDF is not a primary law enforcer but vows not to hesitate to join hands with the Malawi Police if the issue at hand involves the national interest.

He added that the constitution allows the military to provide expertise to the police and civil authorities so that government should function.

“The military comes because the police is overstretched. and we intervene it is constitutional,” Nundwe said.

Nundwe went as far as citing the famous ‘operation Bwezani’ where the army disarmed the paramilitary Malawi Young Pioneer (MYP) over a threat to constitutional order.

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