A 52-year-old woman who was charged in a local Kenyan court with threatening to beat her father over a love affair had her bond cancelled and remanded for one week after blatantly refusing to apologise for her conduct.

Esther Muthoni, who was out on a cash bail of Sh10,000, (Above K70,000) had been charged with threatening to beat her elderly father, Paul Kimani, for declining to allow her continue cohabiting with her boyfriend in her father’s house.

Muthoni had allegedly issued the threats to her father after he expressed displeasure with the arrangement and ordered her to vacate and move to another parcel of land he had allocated her.

It was at that time that the accused is said to have become hostile threatening to clobber him maintaining she had a right to stay in the homestead as well as continue with the living arrangement with her partner.

The accused, a mother to two grown ups, is said to have told her father to instead take his place and become the boyfriend if he was not pleased with his presence in the compound or their affair.

Muthoni had been released on bond terms last week when she was brought before Chief Magistrate, Wendy Kagendo, who asked her to plead for forgiveness as well as be meeting her partner elsewhere.

The accused however remained adamant insisting she would continue staying with her suitor regardless of father’s reservations.

Her father had maintained that she was old enough to continue living with parents.

“I am the one who built the room she is residing in and I no longer want her on my property,” upheld Kimani.

The court is expected to meet again over the matter.

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