Assemblies of God President Edward Chitsonga has asked Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe to remove his name as one of the founders of the newly formed Interfaith Forum for Peace, Justice and Dialogue formed to mediate in the post-election stalemate.

Apart from Bvumbwe, the group also comprises the Reverend Timothy Nysaulu as vice-chairperson and Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire Bishop Brighton Vita Malasa as secretary.

The grouping also saw Assemblies of God President Chitsonga, Living Waters Church President Apostle Stanly Ndovie being listed as one of the founders.

But in a letter addressed to Bvumbwe, Chitsonga has asked Bvumbwe to remove his name on the list of founders.

“I refer to my message on Whatsapp forum on the above mentioned interfaith group requesting that my name be removed on the team.

“I know that the objectives of the group are for the good of the nation. However, the National Executive Committeee (NEC) did not have an opportunity to deliberate my representation of the MAOG on the forum. For this reason, I officialy request that I be withdrawn from the forum,” reads in part the letter.

He added: Malawi Assemblies of God will continue to be involved in praying for the peace and well-being of Malawi.”

The grouping has also received criticisms from all corners with many casting doubt if the grouping will achieve its objective considering the fact the grouping comprises of DPP supporters.

Politician-cum-commentator Humphrey Mvula bluntly said the formation of the group leaves a lot to be desired, especially when on the timing.
“I do not know how they would be seen as representing the general interest of Malawians because the minute you are an appointee of government in whatever capacity, it means you serve the interest of that government.

“Most of those are even known surrogates of government and have never criticised government when it is wrong. They have been part of omissions and commissions of government,” said Mvula.

Meanwhile debate continues on the matter.

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