By Robert Kumwenda

Poet Sylvester Kalizang’oma is yet to launch both his CD and DVD before end of this year.

Kalizang’oma said he already released his DVD in 2015 and he is the first person to do that in Malawi.


“My poems are based on true life stories because l do not like fiction, as of now am in studio writing a poem called ‘Kuli anthu ku phiri that will be special for this week,” he said.

He also said that he has a group of poets that he works with as a team called Nthukutira ya ndakatulo meant teach other people how to write poems

Mirriam Kuboma, is one of the people that have benefited from this group and she will be releasing an album shortly.

“There will be no limit for the number of poems that l will release but it will be within the range of sixteen to eighteen and am still thinking of the title,” he said.

Kalizang’oma said Wokoma Atani Malunga and Gospel Kazako are some of the best poets that he admire saying nowadays people are just joining the poetry industry without real intention.

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