ZAMBIA –  Students at Mbabala Secondary School in Zambia, Choma, Southern Province last month criticized the dress code by some of female teachers at the school saying it is affecting their concentration in class.

Some male students at the school disclosed that female teachers do not mind their dressing when they go to class, leaving sensitive parts of their bodies exposed, thereby confusing learners with sexual feelings.

Many of the students who spoke in confidence complained that teachers are setting a bad example for young girls who have since resorted to adjusting their uniforms to keep up with appearances.

The pupils appealed to the Ministry of General Education to counsel the teachers saying they are confusing male learners with their dressing.

It is alleged that Mbabala Secondary has very beautiful female teachers who put on short skirts that leave male pupils masturbating at night as they imagine touching their thighs.

“I swear our school has beautiful young female teachers. They leave us with no option but to masturbate at night when we bring memories of their disturbing dressing.” One of the Students said.

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