By Abraham Bisayi
SALIMA – Salima Central constituency under Malawi Congress party (MCP), Gerald Kapisen Phiri has urged all community members to start focusing on developing and shining the district leaving a side politics.

Phiri made this appeal during on Sunday during the victory thanks giving show he organized at Salima community ground as one way of thanking God with Salima communities members for the miracles and grace of being voted into power.

The day was graced with long filled laughing by Mr Jokes and poetry from Patwel Phiri who cited Takulandirani kuno ku Salima peace.

“it’s good for politicians to have time in thanking Lord for everything He has done to them like what Mr Kapisen Phiri which she said is a tremendous and memorable thing that in political arena she has never observe it before.” One of guest artist Favoured Martha said

“Let me say sometimes being voted into power it seems like it’s easy but everything goes with grace of God so these politicians needs to think giving back to the community and God like organizing thanks giving shows just for pleasure with community members,” She added.

Evance Meleka, Kondwani Chirwa, Farai Chazima Soko, Levison Masamba, Evangelist Moses Chikolosa, Bertha Nkhoma were some of the artists that performed during the victory show.

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