Human rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has said they will mobilize Malawians to reject the newly appointed acting Inspector General of Police Duncan Mwapasa once his name is sent into parliament for confirmation.

This was said by HRDC vice chairperson Gift Trapence during a press briefing in Lilongwe yesterday.

“We are going to mobilize Malawians especially the parliament to reject Gift Mwapasa as the IG of police once his name is sent into parliament for confirmation,” Trapence said.

Placing his argument, Trapence said Malawi police is operating as a Democratic Progressive party (DPP) police saying it is not serving the interest of Malawians but those of DPP.

He further sent a message to Mr. Mwapasa not to involve police in any political ideologies.

“Let me assure Mr. Mwapasa that Police is not obligated to be used for political benefits, and for this reason we will ask our members of parliament to reject his name once is sent into parliament be cause he is not professional,” said Trapence.

Trapence added that Malawi police has people who are professional therefore they should appoint someone who is not going to be influenced by political affiliation.

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