AFORD Campaign Committee Chairperson Calls for Fresh Convention

Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) Elections and Campaign Committee chairperson Dan Msowoya has called on the party’s secretary general (SG) to guide the party to a fresh convention, arguing the absence their leader Enoch Chihana is affecting plans for the indaba.

Prior to the May 21 Tripartite Elections, the party held two different conventions which were later nullified by the court.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, Msowoya said it is high time the SG in consultation with vice-president Tanilani Chipeta and others called for a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to decide on the convention.

He said the NEC meeting has to be held by October so that there is enough time to raise resources for the convention that will have to be held before end of December this year.

“We are supposed to have a convention every four years. Right now we have leaders that were elected over five years ago. It is in breach of the constitution. The fact that the president is away does not mean we should not progress as a party.

“The secretary general must see the need to have a convention. AFORD needs to put mechanisms to ensure a new convention takes place. Nothing in the constitution is supporting the continuity of leadership,” said Msowoya.

When contacted, SG Christopher Richie said he needed to discuss with the vice-president before commenting on the matter.

However, AFORD spokesperson Khumbo Mwaungulu claimed the party has no plans to hold a convention anytime soon to elect leaders.

“Holding a convention requires resources. The party spent a lot of money to participate in the elections and we also drained resources in the nullified convention and court battles,” he said.


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