Government through the Ministry of Information, Civic education and Communications Technology has condemned the use of petrol bombs to attack people in the country.

The condemnation has been made by the Minister responsible Mark Botomani in a press statement made available to Faceofmalawi reporter.

“Government has noted with great concern the continued use of petrol bombs to attack some individuals in the country,” reads part of the statement.

The critism came in following the recent attack on Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) chairperson Timothy Mtambo house on the eve of August 15.

Unkown people, suspected to be Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets raided the house of Mtambo and petrol-bombed the compound, luckily no none was hurt only one car was set ablaze.

In the statement, Botomani outline simiral cases saying the act is contrary to the constitution.

“The country has witnessed cases where petrol bombs have been used to attack several offices and houses,” Botoman said.

According to Botomani, the root cause of these barbaric acts are demonstrations that have been taking place in the country.

“Malawians know very well that the root cause of all this destruction is the violent demonstrations which have been happening in the country, contrary to Chapter 1V Section 38 of the country’s Constitution which states: “Every Person shall have the right to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed.” reads the satement.

Government has asked organizers of demonstrations to stop immediately arguing they are destroying properties and are posing fear to Malawians.

Meanwhile investigations are underway to track down those involved in these barbaric acts.

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