Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) is today Monday, August 5 seeking court redress to stop the court from granting injunctions to HRDC also wants to get a court interpretation on the Inspector General of Police stopping them from taking to the streets against Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.

HRDC through its lawyer Khwima Chizi will in the morning file to vacate the summons which were taken by the AG before coming back in the afternoon to try remove the Police IG summons.

Chizi said government needs to prove why the demonstrations should be banned or limited.

The IG Kalekeni Kaphale in his petition said the demonstrations will affect the election case which the Constitutional court will start hearing on August 8.

The IG in his filing requested for a K2 billion surety asking the court to bar any grouping from going to the streets until the provide the finances.

During a press briefing held on Sunday the group’s national chairperson Timothy Mtambo said they are going ahead with the one million march and will also hold vigils at Capitol Hill in Lilongwe.

Mtambo said HRDC is not a street maniac Non-Governmental Organization and called the K2 billion request by the AG a ‘Big joke’.

“The court has not granted the Attorney General an injunction as per media reports therefore we wish to inform the nation that the demonstrations are on and we keep on.

“If government is desperate enough, let it come to clear and say they and say the truth that government loves milking Malawian hard-earned tax payers money hence its call. No need of pretending and playing hide and seek games,” Mtambo said.

Credit : Kulinji

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