The organizers of Anti-Ansah demonstrations Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have said they are working on introducing Anti-Ansah rallies in a quest to force Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to step down.

The remarks were said by HRDC vice chair Gift Trapence during a press briefing yesterday in Lilongwe.

In his remarks Trapence said as a coalition they will do anything possible to accomplish there mission of freeing MEC from Ansah.

“Apart from Anti-Ansah demonstrations, we will also be holding Anti-Ansah rallies, we will be holding these rallies across the country, last time we were in Karonga and we are planning of going to Blantyre,” said Trapence.

According to Trapence, Anti-Ansah rallies will be regarded as a movement to point out what is wrong, saying they will not relent until Ansah steps down.

“This is a movement, we will not stop until Jane Ansah resigns from being MEC chair,” Trapence said.

He added; “Demonstrations will proceed, rallies will proceed, we will use any means necessary to force Jane Ansah to step down.”

Trapence Emphasized that what they are doing will not stop until there mission is accomplished.

Ansah is being accused of managing a fraud elections hence demanding her resignation.

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