Livingstonia Synod Backs Five-Day Demos; HRDC to Seal Airports, Boaders

The Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) has backed the planned Anti-Ansah demonstrations scheduled for five days organized by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) to seal the country’s airports and boarders to force Malawi electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

The Synod’s Secretary General Reverend Levi Nyondo Confirmed the development saying they will do anything possible to ensure that electoral justice is prevailed.

Nyondo added that the will support the demonstrations to shut down the country’s major airports and boarders to force Ansah to resign or President Peter Mutharika to resign.

Rev Nyondo said this during a church sermon at a synod conference in Area 47, Lilongwe saying they will urge there members to take part in the demonstrations.

“We will make sure justice prevail,” said Nyondo.

Nyondo futher added that Ansah should respect the will of Malawians by resigning.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) as slated August 26-30 as the days of the Demonstrations.

Aftermath of MAy 21 elections HRDC has been organizing series of demonstrations calling for the resignation of Ansah and all MEC commissioners as they are being accused of mismanaging May 21 tripartite elections.


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