RENTALS can be a bother but for 42-year-old John Mumba, he got round it by sleeping at funerals whenever it was time for the landlord to collect them.

“John has been would always look for funerals in the neighborhood and spend nights there whenever rentals were due.” Mary

Mary wife to John Mumba told the Matero Local Court that her husband sleeping at funeral, the responsibility to pay the rentals were left to his wife and John would only appear home when she had paid.

His wife is now seeking to divorce him because from the time they got married in 1997, she has borne the responsibility to pay rentals while fending for their five children.

Mary told the court that she has lost love for John and thinks divorce is the only way to go. She told the court that John tells the children that he cannot pay school fees because his money is meant for beer.

“I am tired of this marriage and I don’t think I can continue with him. I am appealing to the court to compel John to start maintaining his children because I cannot manage alone,” Mary said.

But John defended himself by saying he opted to be sleeping at funerals because there was no peace at home.

He said his wife stopped cooking and washing for him from the time she started working.

“All was well in our marriage until my wife started providing.

She lost respect for me and would instruct our children not to cook for me even when I bought food,” John told the court.

He pleaded with the court in his submissions not to divorce them because the children will suffer.

In passing judgement magistrate Miyanda Banda dismissed the claim on ground that dowry was not paid.

John was however ordered to maintain his children with K400 with effect from 30 September 2019.

(Credit: Zambia Daily Mail)

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