Police in Mchinji on August 8 2019 arrested a 26 year old man Richard Bwanali for allegedly watching the nakedness of his biological mother who at the time was taking bath.

The suspect who is an ex-convict after serving a one and half year custodial sentence was discharged from prison early this year after court found him guilty of theft of bicycle.

Despite going through the reformatory process, it is reported that Richard continued being problematic and knotty to the family.

On August 7, mother to the suspect (name withheld) wanted to take bath and whilst in the process, she was shocked to see her own son standing besides her busy watching her womanhood.

Following this abomination, the 48 year old mother asked what her son wanted in the room and later screamed for help.

Upon hearing that his relatives and some neighbours were ganging up against him he ran away until next day when he was arrested by police.

Currently, the police have registered a case of conduct likely to cause breach of peace as investigations to establish his intention to sneak into where his mother was bathing.

Richard Bwanali (26) hails from Robert 5 village in the area of traditional authority Zulu in Mchinji and he will appear before court soon.

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