Police in Mchinji have arrested a Malawian and a Mozambican national for smuggling into the country a rocket propelled grenade.

Mchinji Police station publicist Inspector Lubrino Kaitano has confirmed to Kulinji.com about the arrest of two by Namizana Boarder Police Post officers who were patrolling along Dzalanyama Forest near Thyolansanu Border Post.

Lubrino said on the day of their arrest, the two, Botomani Kholowa (34) who hails from Chasa village in the area of Traditional Authority Kalolo in Lilongwe and the Mozambican Fackileti Matiya (25) were on a motorbike.

“After being stopped by the patrolling officers, it was discovered that they were smuggline into the country a bomb which was wrapped in a plastic bag.

“According to them, they allege that they found the explosive in Mozambique within a garden of one of the suspects,” said Lubrino.

He added that the two had intended to finding possible markets within Malawi at Nsundwe Trading Centre before they were intercepted by the police.

Meanwhile, a specialist in firearms and ballistic from National Police Headquarters has examined the weapon and has  analysed it as a live rocket propelled grenade and the office will defuse it accordingly.

The duo will appear before Mchinji Magistrate’s Court to answer charges of being found in possession of  an offensive weapon.

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