ZAMBIA – James Bwalya of Zambia Airforce Mbala base was shot dead on Monday by a Zambia Police officer whom he had picked a quarrel with at East Point in Chipata the Provincial Headquarters of Eastern Province.

According toa source very close to the incident, Mr. Bwalya had travelled to Chipata from Mbala for a Golf Tournament. After the Golf Tournament, he decided to go to a drinking place called East Point where he picked a quarrel with an armed Police Officer.

The Police Officer dragged Mr. Bwalya to a near by Zambia Revenue Authority Mr. Bwalya was shot at point blank.

However and as usual, in trying to cover up the brutal murder, Police in Chipata have told the media that Mr. Bwalya had attempted to steal from the ZRA office before the Police Officer fired two warning shots with one accidentally hitting Mr. Bwalya. Geofrey Kunda the Police Deputy Commissioner for Eastern Province said Mr. Bwalya had been seen at ZRA offices before he was accidentally shot by a warning shot.

Last year in Zambia, some traffic Police Officers murdered a ZAF officer in Lusaka’s Nyumba Yanga area after a road rage. The officers had their murder cases reduced to Manslaughter and are still appearing in the Lusaka High Court.

They were recently found with a case to answer and put on their defence. Just after the murder, the police service issued a statement that the soldier was killed by fellow detainees.

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