Officials from the office of the Attorney General and leaders of Human Rights Defenders Coalition have agreed on a set of dos and don’ts during future demonstrations to avert violence, looting and destruction of property.

The meeting which was grace by members from Malawi Defense Force (MDF) and the Malawi Police Service (MPS), among other members, took place at UNDP offices shifted from the agreed venue Kamuzu Barracks.

The two parties had the following outcomes out of the meeting.


on access to personal details of marshals by the police

on the idea of police training security marshals.

on provision of transport to demonstrators by HRDC after the demos.

on political party leaders speaking to audiences during demonstrations.


on need for deployment of enough police officers and security marshals to attend to crowd control

on strict adherence to the dictation of Section 38 of the Constitution in as far as demonstrations are concerned.

Governement through the ofice of the attorney general has been on the neck of the organizers of Anti-Ansah demonstrations saying they were full of violence.

The supreme court of appeal gave a restriction order to HRDC not to hold demonstrations for 14 days giving room for the concerned parties to settle their differences.

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