Police in Chikwawa are reported to have dispersed a crowd of youth who were demonstrating against what they say uncalled measures of employment followed by the District Council.

It is reported that the council had vacant posts that needed to be filled.

According to one of the organizers, Evance Sonani said they expected the council to employ youth from Chikwawa and not from other districts.

“The DCs office had some vacant posts of which we expected them to consider youth from Chikwawa but it is unfortunate that those employed from the said posts are from outside Chikwawa, the development did not please us,”

He added; “To our surprise people from Mzuzu and from Lilongwe were the ones said to have been qualified for the said posts.”

Sonani added that other people from the district who were called for the interviews, were sent back by the Human Resource department of the council.

“Some of our friends who applied and received invitations to attend interviews were sent back by the HR department saying their invitation was a mistake,” he said.

Their idea to hold protest in the district was not successful as police rushed to the scene and dispersed them.

When asked if they notified the police and the DC on their planned demonstrations, Sonani confirmed with this publication that they followed all the required procedures.

“We notified the police and the DC’s office but we were given a cold shoulder by the DC,” said Sonani.

Despite that they were not given a go ahead by the council, the concerned youth went ahead with the demonstrations.

Chikwawa police station spokesperson Foster Benjamin confirmed to have dispersed the youth for holding unauthorized march.

According to Benjamin, they received the notification from the concerned youth and were ready to provide security during the match but tables changed when the DC’s office denied granting the protesters permission.

“The DC didn’t grant them permission to hold their demonstrations, since the march was not sanctioned by the authorities we decided to disperse them,” Benjamin said.

The group of the concerned youth in the district has also confirmed with this publication not to relent from presenting their petition to the council as they have engaged Traditional Authorities of the district.

“We have engaged, T/As and tomorrow they are expecting to hold a meeting with the officials from the council,” said Sonani.

Sonani told this publication that they have asked chiefs to arrest any person who is will be found in their villages and to be working with the council.

The youth have vowed to continue staging more protests in the district until their voices are heard.

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