Bishop Lavis police of Cape Town,South Africa are on the hunt for four men in a black BMW who allegedly kidnapped a teenage girl from Bonteheuwel on Monday and assaulted her.

The family of the 16-year-old, who asked not to be named, say the girl has been left traumatised by the hell ride during which the men also threatened to kill her. The girl said on Monday before 8am, before she left for school, she went to a neighbour’s house and then a nearby shop.

“My daddy had sent me the pin for the electricity and I took my phone to them so they could punch the units in,” the girl explained.

“I went to the shop to get chips and then I saw a black BMW next to me.”

The girl said a dark of complexion coloured man jumped out and held his hands over her eyes and mouth and pushed her into the vehicle.

“I kicked the one man and the other one hit me with a fist in my stomach. It was so sore and then they put something over my eyes.”

She said there were four men in the car who spoke “gangster language”.

“I couldn’t see where they were going and the one was holding my head. The one man said he was going to make me ‘vrek’ (kill me) and the other one ripped opened my shirt and rubbed breasts and said ‘lekker’ (nice),” the crying teen said.

She said the men spoke in Afrikaans and smoked cigarettes.

“They sounded coloured, they were speaking gangster language. They took my phone and smashed it and then they left me on a field on Essenhout Road.

There are lots of stories in the community about me, but they didn’t rape me.” The dazed teen walked to a nearby shop where a group of boys, seeing her distress, carried her home.

The teen’s 62-year-old father said he got a fright when he saw his daughter being carried into the house. “She was crying and told me her stomach was sore because they hit her,” he said.

“We took her to the police station and she also went to Karl Bremer Hospital.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut, confirmed the incident and said police are investigating a kidnapping case.

Ward councillor, Angus McKenzie, said the incident has sent shockwaves through the community.

“It is very important that we find the men responsible, but also that people desist from spreading stories and victimising the girl further,” he said.

“I am calling on anyone who knows these men to call the police, or me as the Law Enforcement teams are also looking for the suspects.

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