A young lady has shared a very disturbing story on how she has been having sex with her dad since she turned 18.

She shared the story on a TV programme called Tales from the Powder room on GHOne TV.

The young lady whose identity has not been disclosed revealed that her father is the biological father of all her two children but her husband does not know any of that.

She went on to explain that, her mother found out when she was 22 years old and died shortly after that. She has since had the death of her mother on her conscience.

The young lady went on to explain that, all her past relationships failed because she was never satisfied with any of their sexual prowess as she always preferred her dad.

She went on to recount how she sneaks from time to time to sleep with her father and her husband thinks they are just close because of her mother’s death.

The purpose of the letter to Tales from the Powder room is to seek help on how to stop this act since she does not want to lose her husband. She also does not want to hurt her father either.

Read the full story below:

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