Women have been in most cases feeling guilty or shameful due to certain situations in life.

They are worried about being referred to as rude or aggressive. It is important for women before uttering the word ‘sorry’ to examine whether their actions justify the feeling of guilty being experienced.

If your action includes the following, you do not have to feel guilty;

1. Saying no

Each one of us is free to air out their opinions. Even though saying no can be quite hard, it will make you focus on what is important for you and allow you to stand on what you believe in.

2. Making mistakes

Although no one is perfect, making mistakes is quite disappointing and it can also be costly. Failing and learning from mistakes leads to different opportunities and growth.

3. Being emotional

Getting upset or angry when something sad or horrible happens doesn’t make you a woman a lesser being, it makes you human. Don’t apologize for it!

4. Asking for help

Seeking assistance does not mean you have failed or unable. Women often feel bad about speaking up and asking for help in fear of being criticized or seen as less intelligent.

5. Motherhood

Women need to stop feeling guilty about their motherhood. Childless women are termed selfish, stay-at-home moms are seen as not contributing enough to society, and working moms feel that they don’t spend enough time with their kids. This increases the pressure of trying to be a perfect mother which might not fall into place.

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