A Zambian Bishop who heads a Pentecostal Holiness Association (PHA) church in Nakonde District has axed his Father in_Law over Witchraft Allegations.

The said Bishop axed his father in- Law a Mr. Bernard Silungwe who is 60 Years of age after suspecting him that he was the one behind the sickness of his children in the house.

According to ZambianObserver, the Bishop was told by his Spirital father that his Father in-Law was the one behind the sickness of his children for three years.

This made a solid confirmation for the Bishop who quickly organised a group of youths to axe the Father in law to death.

“The Bishop’s child has been sick for three years and he tried to use witchdoctors but he didn’t believe them. Then he went to meet one of his Spiritual father who told him the same, he came back so furious, he informed his wife about it and it seems she agreed to slaughter the man”

“He then organised youths to immediately kill his father in law on allegations of Witchcraft. Youths mobilized themselves and truly axed the man.” A source told Zambian Watch.

Mr. Silungwe was then dumped in the near bush around his house and youths left. Luckily people around rushed him to Nakonde District at Wulongo Hospital.

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