Justin Phiri, an Anti-Ansah protester who died under police custody after being beaten by Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldiers, has been laid to rest.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) chairperson Timothy Mtambo and United Transformation Movement (UTM) secretary General Patricia Kaliati were in attendance.

According to the bereaved family, Phiri was assaulted by the police while in custody.

Writing on his Facebook page Mtambo said the death of Phiri is not in vain saying Justin will soon prevail.

“His death will not go in vain! The God of Justice is watching. We will fight on for a Malawi he and many others envisioned. We shall overcome” writes Mtambo.

Phiri and other protesters were arrested by police saying they were perpetrating violence during the Anti-Ansah protests.

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