An 18-year-old girl has been arrested after she reportedly stabbed her stepfather who was drunk at the time following a heated argument in Aliwal North, South Africa.

It is alleged that on Saturday, 28 September the stepfather arrived at his home apparently under the influence of liquor.

The deceased’s wife was unable to crush the argument.

It is alleged that the 18-year-old girl then stabbed the stepfather with a knife on the right side of his torso.

“Emergency services were called to the scene and the deceased was certified dead on the scene.

The suspect was arrested and detained for murder at police cells,” Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Moitheri Bojabotseha told DailySun.

She appeared briefly at Aliwal North District Court on Monday and she has been remanded until 07 October 2019.10.02

“People must learn to communicate and resolve matters amicably, without resorting to violence.  We as the police have to deal with domestic violence incidents every day and we witness the emotional stress that it has on your loved ones and the community affected,” Aliwal North Station Commander, Colonel Chris Wright said in a statement made available to local media..

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