Money is a sensitive component of any relationship or marriage. It can lead to stress, arguments, divorce or even separation. It is therefore important to be very keen when dealing with it.

Here’s why you should keep your finances away from your spouse;

1. It promotes healthy spending habits

A couple who are financially independent tend to be disciplined when it comes to handling their own debts. A partner will turn out to be irresponsible and careless in spending money is he/she know how much they have together and this can lead to arguments and unhealthy relationship.

2. Balances the burden of money stress

In relationships where a certain partner becomes the breadwinner of the family, he/she is more likely to be stressed in meeting all the family’s needs.

When the partners have separate accounts, any money issue that arises can be comfortably sorted after mutual sharing. You should, however, remember than both of you are entitled to settling the household bills.

3. Things will be easy when the relationship crumbles

Even though no one enters a relationship and plan for its collapse, having financial independence from your partner makes things easier when both of you cannot continue being together.

Having a joint account with your partner and then things turn sour, you will face a lot of challenges to prove how much money you had.

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