Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator Eisenhower Mkaka, speaking on behalf of the party, has opposed the appointment of Duncan Mwapasa.

Mkaka said among other things, Mwapasa who holds a diploma in engineering, is not educated enough for the position as they are other people on the service with higher qualifications than him.

He also said considering that Mwapasa was mentioned in a report of a murder of Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa there is no need to confirm him.

On her part UDF leader in the house, Lilian Patel, has said there is need for legislators to allow merit in the matter. She says UDF believes in professionalism and merit.

On his part leader of People’s Party, John Chikalimba, has said the house should vote according to ones consciousness considering the fact at heart that “will he take the interests of the nation at heart or a particular person”.

Whereas the UTM leader in the house, Chrispin Mphande has said it pains him alot to hear the name of Mwapasa to be considered on that position.

He said people have been beaten and tourted under his tenure as acting IG.

Source: Times

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