Three Men Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Cow, Goat, Nine Horses and Unknown Number of Dogs


Three sick Pennsylvania men have been arrested for sexually assaulting more than a dozen farm animals over a five-year period.

The three men, identified as 31-year-old Matthew Brubaker, 34-year-old Marc Measnikoff, and 41-year-old Terry Wallace were sentenced to 20 to 41 years for forcing themselves on a cow, a goat, nine horses, and an unspecified number of dogs.

All men were charged with more than 1,400 criminalcounts for animal cruelty, sexual intercourse with animals, and corrupting a minor.

The discovery was made after police were called to a remote “makeshift farm” where the men all lived in Munson, Pennsylvania, in August 2018, according to Clearfield County District Attorney’s Office.

They were arrested after a 16-year-old boy living at the property told police the men had been having sex with the animals in a specially-designed V-shaped pen.

Officers found a “large volume of homemade videos, recording equipment and cameras”.

The men were charged with more than 1,400 counts relating to sexual intercourse with animals, cruelty to animals, endangering the welfare of children, and corruption of minors.

Clearfield County District Attorney William Shaw said it was one of the most extreme cases of animal abuse he had handled.

He added that the child living at the property had been taken into protective custody but that there were no allegations of him being sexually abused.

The animals were all rescued and police have been working with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to find an appropriate place for them to be rehomed.

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