In most western countries, couples go to Christmas Eve with a family and New Year’s Eve when its Christmas time. But not everyone is ready for it.

A 38-year-old man is reportedly to have faked his own death in Albacete (Spain) when he was supposed to go out with his wife on a trip to meet her parents.

he’s reportedly to have been seen lying on the floor

According to local media, it was 06:00 in the morning when the woman found her husband lying on the floor of the bathroom, face down and apparently, not breathing:

“I thought he had a heart attack and immediately called 112, but the bastard was pretending. ”

When the emergency services arrived, the supposed deceased woke up when they started to tickling him. “Day 24, a husband on the floor suddenly … it’s nothing new, he wanted to escape from his in-laws, like everyone else”, said laughin one of the nurses


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