The conspiracy theorists are at it again – this time claiming that late rapper Tupac Shakur is alive and well, living in South Africa.
Tupac died on 13 September 1996, but the rumours about him still being alive have been swirling ever since and don’t seem to show any signs of stopping.
The conspiracy theories amped up even more in January, when Suge Knight’s son, Suge Knight Jnr, announced on Instagram that he had ‘Pac back in the studio’ and promised that ‘new music [is] coming’, sending fans into a frenzy.

The latest ‘sighting’ has been shared on YouTube and centres on a selfie, which conspiracy theorist say is Tupac.

The clip shows a photo, taken at night that isn’t of the best quality, with a caption that reads: “Just a few days ago, the leading investigators in the 2pac is alive case have made a breakthrough, confirming 2Pac is alive.
“A phone image of Tupac alive and well in his 40s has been leaked to the public.
“With experts revealing that the source of the phone image comes from South Africa.”
Although some people reckon this is the ‘proof’ they’ve been waiting for, others slammed the image saying it ‘could be anyone’, which is hard to argue with.
Last month, a woman came forward to say she had partied with Tupac in 2014 – 18 years after his death.
Speaking to Wired Up TV on YouTube, the woman claimed: “In 2014, Tupac was in St Louis.
“I met a few people in St Louis in 2014, I met Mystikal. Busta Rhymes, I met Busta Rhymes.”
After explaining that the woman is a former model, the clip’s host adds:
“She said that Tupac was there, he wasn’t there rapping anything, she saw a guy… with a sweater, coughing and he looked around and she said ‘Tupac?’ because she’s met him before.
“And he turned around, looked at her, and kind of walked away and she followed him. And he got into a car… but she said that he took his hoodie off and gave her a smile, gave her a kiss and said that he did remember her.”
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