KENYA – The World Giving Index report (10th edition) revealed that Kenya is the most generous country in Africa, the second most improved country globally, standing at the11th position.

The report released on Tuesday, 15th October by a firm known as Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) revealed that they drew their conclusion from how Kenyans are willing to help.

Charity Aid Foundation’s report showed that more than half of Kenyans are always donating money and items to charity.

CAF’s survey was done over the last ten years in 125 countries, where 1.3 million people from the chosen countries were to give their views on how they devote their time and money for courses they care about.

The main focus of the survey was on their aptness in helping needy strangers, donating money to charity and volunteering their time to render services in organizations.

It was revealed that while more than half of Kenyans donated money to charity, Kenya followed Indonesia closely in terms of helping strangers, making it the top African country.

Kenya was also found to have been the most improved country within the ten years of study, where it is compared favorably with western and eastern countries.

Globally, Kenya was the only African country that appeared among the top 20 most generous countries, with the USA being ranked the first, followed by New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, and Sri Lanka.

In helping strangers, Kenya was fourth with 68 percent, in donating money Kenya took the 34th position with 38 percent and 13th with 37 percent in volunteering time.

Nigeria and Zambia were ranked at positions 22 and 32 respectively, among countries that helped strangers, donated to charity and volunteered in organizations.

The report interestingly reveals that China, in the 10 years of the survey, has appeared among the bottom 20 countries in all the categories of study, together with Greece, Yemen, Bulgaria, State of Palestine, Serbia and Lithuania.

While Bulgaria, the State of Palestine, Serbia and Lithuania were ranked at 19 percent, China and Greece were at 16 percent and Yemen was ranked at 17 percent.

The report also showed that in all the categories, men were more likely than women to help as 49 percent of men against 46 percent women helped a stranger in the last ten years, and 22 percent of men against 19 percent women volunteered their time.

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