The country’s governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has sent two cadets to China for ruling party’s international youth in Africa summit.

Reports indicate that Kelvin Tchali and Monalisa Kachitsa presented a paper to the youth summit on why opposition parties lose elections in Africa.

Tchali and Kachitsa are DPP operatives who use the social media to advance the agenda of the ruling party and demonise the opposition parties in the country.

Tchali on his Facebook wall posted his picture in Beijing, touting the opposition that they were busy in court for the election case whilst he was busy enjoying himself in China.

However, some political analysts have questioned the rationale of the DPP to accept the training of its youth in politics in China, a country which has no resemblance of democracy and has a bad record of human rights.

There was no immediate reaction from DPP Spokesperson Nicholas Dausi on the matter


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