Following a Twitter feud currently buzzing between Black Isco formerly known as Frankie The One and Third Eye, Black Isco has released a new diss track “Lifeline”

Jumping on Slaughter House’s “Hammer Dance” beat, Black Isco reacts to Third Eye’s replies to a tweet in which Black Isco discredits American rapper, Logic.

“In addition, he also insulted my skills as a rapper, so I merely responded as a rapper,” he said.

According to Black Isco, the beef has ended because he doesn’t see Third Eye responding in a song.

“We are rappers. We settle our differences either in a song or battle on stage. In my mind, the beef has already ended after “Lifeline”.

In a rather satirical reply, Third Eye tweeted, “I know it would be a dream come true for him to hear Third say his name. If that ka joint wasn’t about Third none of you would hear it lol. I’m easy. He didn’t even have the balls to say my name so it’s cool.

He continues, “I can’t be bothered man. All I heard in the track about me is something about logic and not seeing him with 3 eyes. I don’t wanna see him. In fact no one does. Imagine performing at Lake of Stars before the Stars come out.”

Black Isco was one of the few Malawian rappers who perfomed at this year’s Lake Of Stars Discovery.

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