Demos refuse to die in Karonga as some business people are planning to torch MRA roadblocks at Kaporo, Kiwe, Rukuru and Chilumba for being too close to each other and charging exorbitant taxes on local business people with small capital.

According to information available at Face of Malawi, business people are saying that it is not good to have two road blocks within a space of 45km.

“Why are there two roadblocks within 45 km when we get checked at the border? There is no single MRA roadblock between Mchinji and Lilongwe and only one roadblock between Mwanza and Blantyre; why three MRA roadblocks between Songwe Chilumba? Fumed one business man.

On high tax they said Women with business capital ranging from K50, 000 and K200, 000 are forced to pay a lot of money yet lots of huge containers enter the country free or with little tax.

“The women with a very thin capital, trying to survive by buying goods in Tunduma and Kyera, are pinned down heavily but huge containers are charged less. This is very unfair,” Said one businessman.

Today meeting is underway to discuss on how to go about the demonstrations.


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