A Self Proclaimed Zambian Prophet identified as Philemon Phiri of Living Stone Angelic Ministries has shocked people after claiming that God has given him a revelation to marry a second wife as a prophetic instruction.

Prophet Phiri who is married, said the instruction that God gave him to marry a second wife was meant to demonstrate that some pastors, prophets’, presidents and ministers of the gospel among others were married to two spirits, one from God and the other from the devil.

He said the woman he intends to marry has already been identified and that at the right time she would be taken to his home and become his second wife.

Prophet Phiri said the woman is living with her parents and is in grade 12 and that at the right time when God instructs him to get her as his second time,he would do so.

“A woman I am supposed to marry has already been identified and they know each other with my current wife. We are not yet married because I am adhering to the word of God on the correct date when the woman will be brought to my home.

“She comes to church and to my home to visit only when there is an instruction from God that she has to be guided and at the moment she is still staying with her parents,” he said.

Prophet Phiri said both the woman and his wife had difficulties accepting the revelation at first and that it took God to reveal to them that he wanted to demonstrate through them the kind of life people who claimed to be Christians were living.

“I am a man of God and was called by God. I suffered from epilepsy for 10 years. At one point in my illness I died for three days and on the fourth day I came back to life and God healed me completely. He told me he had called me to be a prophet and started giving me revelations,” he said.

Prophet Phiri claimed that from the time he started his ministry he has prayed and healed more than 3,000 people.

He said God was prophesying through him and that he should preach to the world that some Christians were liars and hypocrites.

Meanwhile his wife Margaret said God had revealed to her husband that he should marry a prophetic wife.

“At first I was not happy with the prophetic word that my husband should marry a second wife because I did not know what God was saying and I was very sad but through prayer God confirmed the message,” she said.

Ms Phiri said she and her husband of 27 years were following what God had instructed them to do and that their seven children were also in support of the prophetic instruction.

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