Mother Wakes Up to Find a Stranger Bathing her Child in Middle of the Night


A mother in Ohio, US said she was “horrified” to wake up in the middle of the night to find a complete stranger bathing her two-year-old son.

Areica Hill said she had never heard of a home invasion like this before and she told NBC4 she woke up to the sound of dog, that wasn’t hers, barking from inside the house.

“I thought this was a nightmare,” she told NBC4.

She added saying waking up to find a stranger in her house, bathing her child was a “nightmare”.

Ms Hill said she got out of bed and looked outside her door, where she could see all the way down the hall.

“I get up and I walk to my door and the way my house is set up, I can look down the hall,” Ms Hill told NBC4.

“I see a white lady, bent over the tub, with my two-year-old in the tub.”

The woman giving Ms Hill’s son a bath was 22-year-old Elizabeth Hixon. Ms Hill managed to fight Ms Hixon off and Ms Hill’s boyfriend managed to restrain Ms Hixon until police arrived, according to NBC4.

Ms Hill said she had never met Ms Hixon before and she would like to see charges laid against her.

Elizabeth Hixon was charged with burglary after she broke into a home in Ohio and bathed another woman’s child. Source: NBC4.

According to Franklin County Municipal Court records, Ms Hixon was arrested for burglary on October 16 and she did make bond, on the condition she stayed away from Ms Hill’s home.

Ms Hixon will have a preliminary hearing on October 25.

“Ms Hixon stated that she entered the residence, to provide care to a juvenile, which was outside the residence,” an affidavit filed in Franklin County Municipal Court states, according to NBC4.

Speaking to NBC4, Ms Hixon’s mother said her daughter had “good intentions”.

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