Government through the ministry Information has accused the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) of not reporting the truth to international organizations, urged them to report the truth.

The accusation came in following the move made by HRDC reporting Malawi government to the United Nations Human Rights Commission for abusing human rights in the country.

Minister of Information mark Botomani said the Mutharika led government has ensured human rights for citizens hence there is a need for HRDC to report the truth to the international bodies.

“Government categorically refutes allegations made by HRDC members in their report to the UN that government is stifling people’s rights and freedoms.

“As a matter of fact, it is this Mutharika administration that is credited with upholding human and people’s rights and ensuring that Malawians enjoy the same,” Botomani said.

He further claimed that the government has never stopped or attempted to stop demonstrations.

“However, in ensuring that Malawians continue to enjoy peace and that there is sustained law and order, government condemns violent demonstrations which have resulted in destruction of government as well as people’s property. The brutal killing of a police officer on duty is also a result of the same wave of demonstrations,’’ Botomani said.

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