There was free-for-all drama in Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb recently after a wife busted her husband in the act with a prostitute in their matrimonial bedroom before the two cheaters got a sound beating from neighbours.

After being subjected to severe beatings, the prostitute is alleged to have relieved herself on the couple’s bed before the enraged residents forced her to do a “walk of shame” by marching naked through the streets.

Zimbabwean news site, B-Metro gathered that the disgraced man, Tendai Kaocha, who is self-employed as a carpenter, decided to hire the thigh vendor because his wife was heavily pregnant.

It is reported that the action-packed drama unfolded after Kaocha’s wife who had visited her aunt the previous day came home earlier than expected.

The enraged wife reportedly locked the door from outside before she called neighbours who quickly came and “disciplined” the two lovebirds.

A witness said: “We woke up to a free show. Tendai got what he deserved and it was not his first time to bring prostitutes home. He was always bringing them whenever his wife attended all-night prayers.”

Residents who were awakened by the noise from the beating and spoke to B-Metro said they had a good time watching the melodramatic incident.

“On the day in question Tendai (Kaocha) brought a prostitute home and he ran out of luck after his wife who had visited her aunt the previous day came home earlier than expected.

She, however, couldn’t believe her eyes when she caught her husband red-handed in bed with the prostitute.

“In a fit of anger, she then locked the door from outside and called neighbours who quickly responded and surrounded the house.

The angry wife also called Tendai’s uncle who later came with his friends and joined the residents to beat up Tendai and the prostitute.

“The bruised prostitute later relieved herself on Tendai’s bed before residents forced her out of the house naked.

“She later sought refuge at a nearby church,” said a neighbour who requested anonymity.

When B-Metro tracked down Kaocha to his workplace he initially appeared to be relatively unfazed by the allegations before he later rubbished them saying it was the work of his enemies who wanted to tarnish his image.

“It is not true that my wife caught me red-handed in bed with a prostitute.

“What happened is that on the day in question I was just accompanied home by a female imbiber since I was drunk and that lady didn’t get into our bedroom, as alleged.

“She remained outside the house where she was seen by neighbours who later phoned my wife who had visited her aunt to come back home to see what was happening,” Kaocha defended himself.

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