The victims mother said money was nothing compared to her child’s dignity.

Her 19-year-old daughter was almost raped by a shop owner.

According to our source,the shop owner’s brother tried to offer the family an R800 bribe to drop the charges.

The young woman told the source the shop owner’s landlady had asked her to help with a broken tap.

Dirty money the sangoma mum said she received from a shop owner’s brother to drop the charges. Photo by Muntu Nkosi Photo by

While she was busy with the tap, the shop owner sneaked up on her and started touching her breasts.

“I asked him what he was doing. He took his hands off. He could tell I was angry,” she said.

She said the man later asked if she could sleep with him for R20.

“The landlady tried to convince me to agree because the man had promised her R100 in exchange for pimping me.

“She said the man loved me and asked why I was acting as if I didn’t want it. I was angry and couldn’t believe a woman I trusted was pimping me to her tenant.”

She told her mum and they opened a case. The shop owner was arrested on Saturday.

The mum (55) from Magagula, near Zonkezizwe in Ekurhuleni, said the Community Policing Forum advised her to take the bribe money to the cops.

The shop owner’s brother admitted to giving the family money, saying he only wanted to ask for forgiveness. The landlady denied trying to pimp the girl.

Captain Mega Ndobe said a case of attempted rape was opened and the suspect appeared in court on Monday.

The briber was also expected to be arrested.

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