A 36 year old Ugandan woman has recently married three men at her home despite having a host of other lovers under her belt as she also chased old husbands away for not fitting in her expectations.

The woman, Ann Grace Aguti who happens to be a pastor’s child has  said she should not be taken for a village whore because she is not in spite of having a dozen of men she has gone to bed with.

Aguti is currently living with her three husband who are getting along very well, who are submitting to her conjugal roster.

“I gave three out of my seven huts to my husbands and they all comply to a conjugal roaster. They get along very well,” she said.

Aguti’s father, who is a pastor, called upon all clan members to reprimand his daughter and her three husbands as they tried to raid her home to send them packing.

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