A 22 year old woman Cyindalee Hazviney Chapanga has left her matrimonial home and eloped with her former lover before clutching a certified copy of marriage certificate.

Chapanga is reported to have left her home when her legally married husband Stanley Mapondera was attending some work engagements and he was away for a week, when he returned home from work, Mapondera did not find his wife at home.

In his research, Mapondera gathered information that in his absence his wife was slaying with her ex-lover Tonderai Chakaengesu.

“The following day when I left for work, I found out my wife had left the house, destroyed our wedding photos and the original marriage certificate. I suspected that she was seeing Chakaengesu and I have now established that they are staying together,” he said.

“I just do not know where. I am only left with a certified copy of the marriage certificate,”

The distraught man said he engaged his wife’s family and he had ‘talks’ with his mother-in- law whom he occasionally drank beer with.

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