Poor sanitation practices and improper storage of drinking water commonly lead to waterborne illnesses such as cholera.

In Malawi, 80% of the population has access to an improved source of drinking water, but about 4 million people continue to lack access to safe drinking water.

According to the 2010 Demographic Health Survey, 78% of children under two years old experienced at least one incident of diarrhea. In Malawi, 80% of the population has access to an improved source of drinking water, but about 4 million people continue to lack access to safe drinking water.

Based on international standards, six percent of the population has access to a sanitation facility. Poor practices surrounding transportation and storage of drinking water make waterborne illnesses including cholera still commonplace. In 2009, 78% of children under 2 experienced at least one incident of diarrhea.

After noting the challenges, Temwa Chilenga, a teacher at Chambu Primary School in Lilongwe reached out to well-wishers from United States of America to help.

Teachers from Davenport A+school, students, parents, water life church and communities from North Carolina responded positively and donated 150 water filters worthy millions.

This was organized by Carly Schwartz, one of the teachers and Kelly the principal at Davenport A+school.

Apart from the water filters, Davenport A+ school teachers also donated food and clothes to learners from Chambu Primary school.

Chambu primary school is surrounded with small villages and the people in the villages earn a living through farming and others through some peace works. This pose as a serious challenge to parents as they find it had to support their school going kids with basic needs such as food and clothes.

So with the donation of the clothes and food items donated by American school has eased the challenge that parent face in supporting their children.

This has also helped many learners to remain in school thereby supporting the dream of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika of reducing dropout let.

Speaking in an interview with Faceofmalawi reporter Chilenga said she was delighted with the donation which will go a long way.

“I feel very good because the donations are going to the right people and my heart is always rejoicing because I like to see other people happy.

“Most children in rural areas are enjoying because of the clean water and the food they get sometimes,” said Chilenga.

She added: “Diseases have also reduced.”

Chilenga said out of 150 water filters, 66 water filters have been distributed to over 50 families around Chambu Primary School.

One of the beneficiaries, Martha Jere could not hide her joy after receiving the water filter saying her family will now be free from waterborne diseases.

“My family was exposed to waterborne diseases due to unsafe water we were drinking but now this is a song of the past. Let me take this opportunity to Temwa and her friends for this timely donation,” said Jere while smiling.

Concurring with Jere’s remarks, Chimwemwe Mathews urged other well-wishers to come forward and support other families who are needy.

Since joining the school three years ago, Temwa Chilenga has partnered several schools in United States of America supporting the learners at Chambu Primary School.

The American donors provide the learners with textbooks, school uniforms, clothes, shoes, blankets, school bags and food.

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