In Lusaka, Zambian- A Flamboyant Prophet Shepherd M Mesala has warned the Nation of South Africa that it is about to experience God’s anger after killing fellow Africans.

Prophet Shepherd M Mesala says God has instructed his Angels to collect all the fortunes in South Africa because that country has been killing its people.

The Prophet says the Nation of South Africa will be reduced to a level where it will be begging for food from other countries.

Prophet Shepherd M Mesala says South Africa needs prayer and must ask for forgiveness from God before he strikes in that country.

“South Africa needs prayers, South Africa is about to hit headlines because they is a disaster which will take place were South Africans alone will not manage to finish the problems”

“In my vision i saw other countries donating things to South Africa because some people will be left without homes, some will not have food. This event will make South Africans to humble themselves and it will make them to know that they are no country in Africa which can stand on its own”. He said.

“Let’s pray for South Africa they’re about to pass through a hard time, the economy of south Africa will start going down. Many countries will donate things to help the people who will be affected when that disaster takes place, many people will lose home, many will not have food, and other nations will help”.


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