Kids commonly known as Adventurers from Blantyre have been encouraged to tour many attractive sites in Malawi.

Parks and wildlife assistant from Majete Wildlife Reserve, Damiano Bande said this on Sunday, 20 October, 2019 when the kids from Sunnyside SDA toured the ‘Big Five’ reserve and Malawi’s premier wildlife destination in Chikwawa district.

Bande said kids should learn about the wildlife appreciation and significance of investing much in local tourism.

“It is always a memorable experience when kids come to Majete Wildlife Reserve. But, there must be a civic education when it comes to local tourism because some Malawians act as strangers in their own country. Not many people take their workmates, families to breathtaking reserve for business meetings, vacations. Instead people from outside Malawi are the ones who come here at Majete Wildlife Reserve in large numbers,” he said.

A nine year-old, Lupakisyo Mtambo agreed with Bande saying Majete Wildlife Reserve is a tourist destination for all visitors.

“We came here to appreciate the nature reserve. For so long, we have been reading comic books in classes, watching wild animals on televisions but we are privileged to see real elephants, impala and other animals with our own eyes today,” she said.

Majete Wildlife Reserve is a nature reserve in southwestern Malawi, established as a protected area in 1955.

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