A war of words has exploded between maskandi artist Sanele “Swenkangemali” Mthalane and inyanga Andile “Mzimb’okhalimali” Dlamini.

Although the two KZN personalities have never met in person, they seem to hate each other.

The trouble started when Mzimb’okhalimali recently accused Swenkangemali of stealing his brand by wearing money.

Mzimb’okhalimali told Daily Sun: “I’m tired of people who cannot think outside of the box. I’m the one who started this concept of wearing money, but now I see everyone wants to do it.

“This is my concept and I don’t like it when people start stealing it. I’ve never met this guy, but I’ve seen him on posters. I just want to warn him to stop doing this or I’ll teach him a lesson. I have strong muthi and I don’t want him to become an example.”

Swenkangemali said he started wearing cash long before Mzimb’okhalimali.

“I’m not going to stop wearing money because there’s a special meaning behind it,” he said.

He warned Mzimb’okhalimali to stay in his lane.

“If he thinks I’m scared of him, he’s wrong. I don’t know why he wears money, but I’m sure he doesn’t know why I wear money,” he said.

“When I started working I took my first cheque to my grandmother. She blessed me and said I’ll one day have so much money I’ll wear it. Therefore, I am not imitating him.”

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