A 21 year old man shot and raped his girlfriend, 19, while she was dying, a shocking post-mortem reveals.

Paula Davis’s “possessive and jealous” ex-boyfriend has been accused of murder after her naked body was found inside her family’s van at an American park.

The UNLV student’s ex-boyfriend, Giovanni Ruiz, has been accused of her murder according to associated press.

North Las Vegas police have arrested Giovanni Ruiz, 21, in the brutal slaying of the 19-year-old who dreamed of joining the FBI, and was her family’s “shining star” reports 3 News.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and economics student was found dead in her vehicle on September 6, hours after dumping Ruiz.

Her grieving dad, Sean Davis, said coping with her brutal death and the court case was a “nightmare” for the family, “but we’re taking it one day at a time”.

He had discovered her body in the van after tracking her mobile to a North Las Vegas park, two hours after his daughter was reported missing to police.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that, according to a court indictment, Ruiz is expected to face additional charges of sexual assault, robbery and kidnapping.

Cops said she had described the alleged killer as possessive and jealous.

Her cousin, James Miraglia, told the grand jury that, in a text message to her ex, Davis told Ruiz: “It’s time for both of us to move on completely from what we had.

“I wish I could support you through this as a friend but I’m sure you recognize that a clean break will heal faster. So until all of this is past, some distance would be best.

Hours later, he was seen at a North Las Vegas Walmart – about one-and-a-miles away from where her family van was later discovered – buying bleach, water, paper towels and rubbish bags, says the Review-Journal.

The jury was told by Detective Andrew Santos that police found no blood inside the van.

He said: “I believe she was dumped in her vehicle after she was killed.”

Cops also found an “odd note” on her mobile, typed the afternoon that she was fatally shot, which read: “Can’t stand him being hurt after breaking up this way. He’ll be hurt for so long. I’m just as hurt as he is but I need to be strong.

“Get someone to kill Gio. Meet him at park on Friday for payment. Have him kill Gio after class… get support from family.”

The court also heard that during his arrest, detectives discovered a .380-caliber Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun.

The weapon was missing two rounds, and had been bought two days before Davis was killed.

After Ruiz – also a university student – was nabbed in September, the Associated Press reported that his lawyer, Gabriel Grasso, had sought a gag order, to prohibit police from talking about the murder case.

The Review-Journal said that Davis was described by pals as a “bubbly and friendly” young woman, and a devoted Catholic who often volunteered to help others, including teaching English and serving food to the homeless.

Ruiz’s charges will be presented to a death penalty review committee next week, the publication adds.

The teen was a churchgoer, who volunteered to help many other people, including the homeless.




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